Are J Brand jeans worth it? Yes!.. And how to save when investing in some.

I believe everybody should have one pair of completely plain, blue jeans. These should flawlessly fit and make you feel confident! I, along with many others, have chose to make mine J Brands. Many people have most likely heard about this brand, and their denim. Known for its comfortable material, and curve hugging fits, J Brand jeans are super popular!

Pictured here, are their 811 Mid-Rise Skinny Leg jeans, which run for about $210. The price can seem quite steep to many, considering you can get similar looking jeans at American Eagle for around $30. When compared, though, the differences are obvious. J Brand uses denim which stretches nicely, but all while holding shape. After a few hours, or even not washing for a while, they will not be stretched out at all! Spending the extra money on a quality pair of simple jeans is smart because they will last. Getting more confident wear out of an expensive pair of jeans is worth it.

How to save when buying J Brand jeans
A couple hundred on a pair of jeans is steep! I do believe these jeans are worth the money, but that doesn’t make it any easier to spend the money. In Canada we have a popular store called Aritzia which sells many designer brands in one location. Think Nordstom divided by 100, and less department store-ish. About twice a year Aritzia will have massive sales, and that is the smartest time to shop here. J Brands go on sale from $250+, to under $100. If you can’t make it to one of their many locations, they have recently started an online store. During their sales, I find the online store a lot better to shop on because you get to avoid the crowds, and I feel there is a lot more sale product.


Other notable jeans from this company are the 8112 Rail, which are a straight cut, in one of their most popular fits. For a lighter wash, the 23110 Maria in Lucas is super cute and casual. They have so many different styles, ranging in many colours, coats, and wear.